AdEx (ADX): Cryptocurrency Rates and How to Buy in the UK


Blockchain technology enters all the fields of real life, and advertising is not an exception. AdEx is a blockchain project that was created with the thought of bringing online advertising to a brand new level. It is a decentralized platform enabling direct connection between advertisers and publishers, leaving no space for middlemen.

The AdEx developers aim to build a solution that will enable users to pick the type of ads they would not mind seeing, providing quality management for their privacy.

Initially, AdEx was based on the Ethereum blockchain. Now it is switching to the NEO network. 

The main features of AdEx:

  • users privacy;
  • focus on the gaming industry and entertainment;
  • natively used ads;
  • all browsers support.

ADX is a native cryptocurrency of the project. To find out its current price, we visited the WhiteBIT crypto exchange. This platform always provides up-to-date crypto exchanges rates. So as of mid-September, the ADX rate is $0,1688.

ADX Crypto Price Prediction

Here is what conclusion experts came to when analyzing the ADX crypto coins prospects:

  • 2023 – $0,45   
  • 2024 – $0,66   
  • 2025 – $0,94   
  • 2026 – $1,35  
  • 2027 – $1,96.

If you are curious to know more about the project, you may join its social media to stay up-to-date with the news and updates. If you want to buy ADX, welcome to the WhiteBIT crypto exchange. It offers current crypto rates and low transaction fees regardless of the amount. Registered users can buy digital assets using their bank cards, swap, trade, stake, etc. The platform offers trading with leverage, margin and futures. If you are a beginner in this field, welcome to demo trading on WhiteBIT. There you will learn how to buy and sell crypto coins, practice different strategies, and receive priceless experience. To start trading, you need to register and pass the KYC verification. WhiteBIT operates officially, so it demands user verification to avoid illegal activities on the platform.

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