The day to sit for the CPA exam is almost here, and you’re most likely full of fear, excitement, and anxiety. It’s okay to feel this way but don’t allow this last-ditch anxiety to affect your performance. You have prepped for months, and the time to pass the test has come. Here’s what you need to do one day before you sit for your CPA exam.

1. Avoid Cramming

Intense, last-minute revision sessions will probably not make a difference. Believe that you’ve done everything required, and you’re one of the most prepared candidates. If you got some areas you feel you have not touched on and have to brush up on, go through your flashcards or short notes. You can also go through task-based simulations and multiple-choice questions, but ensure you read only the correct answer. 

As a result, you will reinforce the correct answer instead of risking supporting the wrong one. However, whatever you decide to do, do it moderately.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep plays a critical role in determining your performance. Although you may not sleep well due to anxiety, ensure you rest as much as you can. Sleeping in during exam time can worsen things. 

If you tend to sleep late and have a tight schedule, the anxiety levels will increase, and thus, your performance will get affected.

3. Have a Nice Dinner

What you eat on the eve of your CPA exams is critical. The CPA exam is overwhelming, and you need lots of energy to navigate through it. Irrespective of the time you’ll sit for the exam, it’s crucial to take a satiating and healthy meal the night before your exam. 

Cook, order in, or have dinner with your friends. Ensure you take something you know your body will accept. Don’t allow a stomach upset to distract you when you start the exam. 

Also, when doing the exam, ensure you don’t feel too full. Consider temperate carbs, low sugar, and high protein. This balance will help you ensure you stay alert throughout the exam time with reduced low and high peaks.

4. Know Your Route

Master the route to the selected testing center the day before, and if possible, have the directions on the GPS or print them out. You can go for a road trip to the center in advance to be sure of where you’ll be going the next day. 

If possible, go at the same time you’ll sit for the exam so you won’t be surprised by the rush hour traffic. Besides, ensure you scope out the parking space.

5. Have Your NTS (Notice to Schedule) and ID Forms Ready

A valid state ID, driver’s license, passport, or military ID card is acceptable. Ensure the name on your NTS corresponds to the ID you’ll present. Without the NTS, you will not get admission to the test center, and you will risk losing all the money you have paid for that CPA exam section. 

Print the NTS ahead of time because something can happen when you try to print it on the due day.

6. Go for a Walk

Evening walks are an ideal way to take in and manage stress. You can walk by yourself if you are sure you will not think about your upcoming exams so much. If not, ask your friend or family to accompany you and talk about subjects unrelated to the exam.

7. Don’t Spend the Whole Day Revising

As you figure out how to pass the CPA exam, you might get tempted to revise all day. However, ensure you study for at most four hours. 

Remember, if you haven’t read through something by now, chances are very high that you won’t learn it one day before the examination. You must be well-prepared and ready to sit for the exam the following day.

8. Plan Your Outfit in Advance

Most testing centers have strict dress codes, so ensure you plan your exam day outfit in advance. Choose comfy clothes that will allow you to concentrate on your exam.

Now that you’re well-prepared for the CPA exam, be optimistic and believe in yourself. You’ve put a lot of effort and sacrificed a significant amount of your time, so be confident that you have all it takes to pass the examination.


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