Housing finance commission is an annual event in Washington DC. The goal of this event is to learn how to increase housing affordability in the DC metro area and also inspire the United States Congress to create more affordable housing. The event has been a regular part of the legislative session since 2010, but since it started in 2013, it has morphed into more than 100 speakers and thousands of people speaking on a wide range of topics covering everything from the history of DC’s housing market to tax incentives for homebuyers, energy efficiency regulations, and other government-sponsored incentives.

Washington State Housing Finance Commission (HSFC) is an independent agency that helps low-income renters find affordable housing. HSCF gives home owners the opportunity to build, renovate and update homes, while relieving the burden of housing finance on renters. HSCF is directly responsible for building 240,000 new units in Washington State and will invest up to $115 million annually in affordable housing. To learn more about how HSCF supports affordable housing in Washington State, visit www.hscf.wa.gov .

I am excited to announce that Washington State Housing Finance (Housing Finance) will launch a competition to create a new national definition of the term “fair housing”. The first draft of the Housing Fair Housing Act (Sect. 704-100-1001) was submitted by the House Committee on Commerce and Economic Development on June 5, 2013. The House and Senate congresssional committees are working to refine the definition throughout 2013 as we review possible amendments and addenda. This is an exciting step forward in our efforts to ensure that communities across America are achieving fair housing standards.


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