Freight Services

Statistics show that a countless number of companies- including small businesses and thriving corporates alike- have been benefitting from Sydney Freight Services to aid their growth. 

Lack of knowledge about the same can lead you to lose money and leave you tied in sorting out logistics. 

This brief guide on freight transportation will give you all the information that you need. Consequently, leading to you being able to make well-informed decisions for your business. 

4 Key Divisions of Freight Services

Shipping, whether domestic or international, can be cumbersome even for seasoned businesses. There is a lot of hassle involved that only a good freight service agency can save you from. 

Essentially, the job of freight service is to handle the tasks mentioned below. 


Businesses hire Third-Party Logistics Companies or 3PLs to handle the distribution and fulfilment sections of a company. 

These companies aim to provide significant supposed to businesses to work on other essential tasks such as improving customer service. 

If you’re wondering how you can assess if you need to work with a 3PL, here’s the way to know. If you’re getting tonnes of orders every day and running short of storage in your inventory, this is your sign to work with a 3PL. 

Trucking and Transportation

A reliable 3PL company also handles trucking and transportation. They will be in charge of all types of shipments pertaining to your company.

The prices for these depend on the following: 

  • The pick and drop locations

Opted method of shipping 

  • Opted mode of shipping

In most cases, the 3PL will also handle your export taxes and duties on your behalf. 

Distribution and Warehousing

If your business is growing exponentially, you might need a freight service that handles distribution and warehousing. 

Such a 3PL will be responsible for storage, shipping services, and returns. They should also provide you with access to a product tracking system that gives you insights into the trajectory of your products. 

Further, you should give delivery data to the customers. You can have them do this with the help of a Warehouse Management System (WMS). 

The following is a list of responsibilities you can expect from a ‘good’ freight service: 

  • Reporting compliance
  • Managing online inventory
  • Tracking lot and serial numbers
  • Sequencing
  • Packing Services

Intermodal Trucking and Drayage

Intermodal trucking forms the basis of multiple businesses. It essentially means that one shipment that arrives at a location by train might have to transport to its destination by truck.

In these cases, your 3PL must provide you with: 

  • Drayage of containers
  • Cross-docking
  • LCL consolidation
  • Packaging

Summing Up

Some people struggle to identify if they need the help of a freight service for business. The need to work with freight services stems from supply chain issues. 

Before immediately buying into the idea of freight services, assess the needs of your business. After a qualitative and quantitative analysis of every aspect of your business to come up with a viable strategy. 

It is imperative to note that you must always associate your business with reliable freight services like Sydney Freight Services that minimize the chances of jeopardizing your business’ growth. 

This article aims to break down the four most important areas of concern for all businesses, making it easier to figure out if you need to employ freight services. 




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