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If you go through video marketing statistics carefully, you will find that more and more marketers are using informative, short, and relevant intros in their marketing videos to make them more interesting and engaging.

Though intros are important for any marketing video, you cannot use any intro-making tool, with the company claiming that this is the best YouTube intro maker tool. Even if you fumble upon the right intro-making tool, you must follow some important tips to make attractive and relevant intros.

Get encouraged by these top 10 tips for making good intros even better:

1. Consider the Duration

It is best if your intro is short and crisp. Ideally, it should be between 5 to 10 seconds and not more than that. The intro of your video should make the viewers feel intrigued and interested instead of making them feel bored.

This is the reason why it should be short. Keep it just enough to highlight what your remaining content is all about. Your intro is important, but you must also understand that no one will be visiting your channel to check out the intros at the end of the day.

2. Make It Memorable and Fun

That’s the whole point behind making an intro. Try making an introduction that people will keep in their minds for a very long time. Use vivid colors, catchy music, unexpected twists, and exclusive jokes.

You can include almost anything that catches the attention of the viewers.

3. Select the Right Frame Rate and Resolution

Frame rate and resolution are crucial elements affecting the look of your video. If you have plans to add introductions to long videos, ensure the resolution and frame rate are compatible.

If you intend to use the intro for varied functions in the future, work on the resolution and the frame rate accordingly. You might have to upgrade your content to 4K video resolution or change its frame rate per second.

Many online intro-making tools offer this flexibility. So, you must choose one that the experts recommend by saying that this is the best intro maker tool.

4. Remember: Less Is Always More with an Intro Video

Here again, the duration of your intro is important but what’s more important is the matter you present. You should provide relevant highlights about the content after the intro but shortly and crisply.

Your intro should contain everything informative about the content but in a way so as not to make the viewers feel bored or disinterested.

5. Creativity Is Necessary

Take inspiration from the other video introductions and be as creative as you can make yours. Take note of the originality of the videos and their level of quality. Your video introduction should not appear as a randomly executed mash-up of images and visuals.

Instead, it must have a proper theme and an idea in place. At the same time, you must use your creativity to ensure that all your ideas for the intro are not jammed up in one visual so, you should use a professional intro maker tool to make creative and unique intros.

6. Make a Descriptive Intro

Keep the new viewers in mind and go for descriptive intros so that they understand the main motive of your channel from the very beginning. Use the intro for setting and mood and establishing the main focus.

Such intros also capture the attention of viewers already aware of your brand. They will relate to you better.

7. Consistency Is the Key

Here the goal is ensuring people keep your intro in mind. Hence, your video introduction should be repetitive and catchy. Using the same introduction in every YouTube video will establish your brand while reinforcing your personality at the same time. This way, people will keep you in their minds.

But it’s not necessary to use the same clip over and over again. Simply one repetitive item should be sufficient. This can be the style of your intro or the soundtrack.

8. Take Care of the Style of Your Intro

Do you wish to grab the attention of young audiences? Or do your customers belong to urban social groups? Are you looking to create a more professional intro with a clean and classic style, or do you want something filled with playful and colorful animations?

Determining the proper style of your video intro is very important. And yes, the choice of style you make for the intro should be in perfect line with your channel, service, and brand. Your intro style and your service should not take two different paths.

9. Pay Attention to Colors

Your video introduction should determine your brand and its offerings. Furthermore, the brand revealing factor of your intro is quite crucial as it brings forth the objective of your business and how your products and services solve the clients’ problems.

Here, the main purpose is the viewers should find your intro interesting enough to partner with your organization. This entails creating the intro in such a way that it sticks to the minds of the people.

Incorporating the colors of your brand in your intro is very important. For example, if you use tones of blue in your organization, use identical shades of blue in the intro to ensure that people remember your brand.

10. Avoid Making the Intro Flashy

All that glitters is not gold! This is one saying that not only you but even the viewers are well aware of. That’s why they will cut corners from intros and even videos that are too flashy. You do not always require flashy and expensive animation for showcasing your company.

Just try using the five to ten seconds wisely and use a one-of-a-kind method for narrating your brand’s story to the viewers.


So, these are the ten tips to help you make a good intro even more attractive. You have the flexibility of adding, removing, and trimming your intro video the way you want. Only make sure it suits the mission and the vision of your company. More than anything else, keep it as straightforward as possible. The best is to use the online intro-making tools and select the templates wisely so that your audiences remain glued to the video.


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