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We’ve spent more than enough time these two years since the coronavirus pandemic has started doing pretty much nothing and being stuck at home. Don’t you think that it’s about time for us to start socializing again? And what better occasion than one of these ten most exciting events of 2021?

World Series of Poker – Circuit Events

The World Series of Poker has been one of the season’s top events ever since launched. The only exception of the WSOP missing one year of tournaments was made last year when the events were canceled because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. However, this year everything is different, and we’re excited to announce that the WSOP Europe of 2021 is real and happening! To be more precise, the time and place y’all need to remember are November and the King’s Resort located in Rozvadov. Furthermore, it’s important to note that the WSOP Circuit will come ahead of the WSOP Europe with events taking place in September. 

The total featured prize funds are estimated to be over 11 million euros. Those 11 million are being divided between the 15 golden bracelet events. However, that isn’t everything that this year’s WSOP is bringing to us. Namely, GGPoker has in mind to spend an additional 20 million US dollars that will be the award of the Mega Online WSOP Main Event. Splendid, right? 

Now, if we add here the WSOP Circuit festival prize money, the sum for which the player will be competing over those four months of tournaments exceeds a whopping 15 million. 

The online series of the WSOP first saw the daylight last year when it was unsafe for the organizers to create a physical event and for the players to be there physically. However, given the popularity the series has gotten, GGPoker decided to bring it again this year alongside the physical WSOP Europe tournaments.  

Lady Gaga – One of the Most Expected Tour of 2021

Can we ever get enough of our favorite Lady Gaga? I mean, between her eccentric personality, the extraordinary shows he gives on-stage, and her out-of-this-world voice, how can we not like her? Is it possible? 

Fortunately for all Lady Gaga fans, she decided on doing pieces of “The Chromatica Ball Tour” in 2021. We were all surprised that she decided to reschedule some parts of the tour. However, with two shows in late July in Paris and London already being scheduled alongside the four tour dates in Toronto, Chicago, Boston, and New Jersey, clearly, Lady Gaga wasn’t joking when she made the announcement.

Do you want to get your tickets right now, but you have no idea where on the Earth one would find a Lady Gaga concert ticket this late? Well, we’ve got you covered. Browse Google for gotStubs and we promise you won’t be disappointed. On this ticket marketplace, one can find almost any kind of ticket and what is even more appealing to us is the fact that everything is online, and you can get your ticker from anywhere you may be now. 

The 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World

Who doesn’t love milestone celebrations, and keeping in mind that we are talking about the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, we are even more excited. I mean, generations and generations grew up with Walt Disney, and we definitely have something to celebrate. Growing up with and later seeing one’s kids and grandkids to grow up in the same way with the same connection to Walt Disney World is something extraordinary and really magical! 

Keep looking and find your favorite event of this 2021 because you indeed deserve that time off and enjoy yourself! Take a look at 7 other amazing events that will catch your attention. 

  • The 2021 Olympics that will take place in Tokyo 
  • The Eurovision Song Contest which will take place in the Netherlands
  • NASA’s Perseverance rover trips to Mars
  • The Queen of England’s 95 birthday 
  • The Doobie Brothers ‘s 50th anniversary tour
  • The releasement of some new music albums – to be more precise Kacey Musgraves, Adele, Evanescence, Lorde, Kendrick Lamar, and Cardi B are just some of the artists that have announce their 2021 come back 
  • If you’re a movie fanatic, there is no doubt that the premiere of the new movie of the J. K Rowling’s franchise “Fantastic Beast” will keep you up at night


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