We come across a lot of shapes in our life. They all have specific sizes and figures. Look around and one will find shapes everywhere. Every single shape has its properties. Most of the shapes that we observe are mostly three dimensional. A few of the three-dimensional shapes are sphere, cube and cuboid. It is important to have a basic knowledge of these figures. In this article, we will be discussing one such figure, the sphere. It is one of the most common shapes, one can observe it easily. Football and the globe are two examples of it. Two of the most important points to discuss related to the sphere is the surface area of sphere and its volume. 

The surface area of a sphere: We can say that the area covered by a sphere is called the surface area of the sphere. There are zero corners and zero edges in a sphere. A sphere is a three-dimensional figure which has a round figure. Before calculating the surface area of a sphere, it is necessary to understand two words related to it. They are radius and diameter. Radius is defined as the distance from the midpoint of the sphere to any point lying on the sphere. Similarly, the diameter of a sphere is the distance between the two points that are opposite to each other and lying on the sphere. Diameter is always equal to twice the value of radius or radius is half of the diameter. Now let us discuss the surface area of a sphere. 

There is a formula to calculate the surface area of any shape. The formula to calculate the surface area of a sphere is 4πr2. Where 4 and π are constant. In The given formula r refers to the radius of the given sphere. We can write this formula in another way also. The formula in terms of diameter is 4π(d/2)2 where d is the diameter of the given sphere. Hence, we get to know from this formula that if we know the radius or diameter of the sphere. We can calculate its surface area easily. It is important to remember the formula for the surface area of the sphere as it makes it easy for us to calculate it. 

The volume of a sphere: Volume can be calculated Only for three-dimensional shapes. The volume of a shape helps us to give an idea of the space occupied by that figure. Spheres are classified into two categories. One is a solid sphere and the other one is a hollow sphere. Both the spheres have different formulas for the calculation of their volume. Let us discuss both spheres. 

The volume of a solid sphere: In a solid sphere the formula used for calculating the volume is (4/3)πr3. Here, as we all know π is a constant and r is the radius of the sphere. We can even use d/2 instead of r in the formula, where d is the diameter of the sphere. 

The volume of a hollow sphere: In a hollow sphere, we always subtract the inner and smaller sphere from the outer sphere. Let us take a scenario in which the radius of the outer sphere is R and that of the inner sphere is r. Now the formula to calculate the volume is equal to (4/3)π(R3 – r3). It is crucial to know both formulas to calculate the volume of the sphere. 

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