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Choosing between the shower gel and soap is a herculean task. We are often left in quandary over this. So, if you are unsure about which of the two is good for your skin?  You are in the right place. 

This post will provide you an insight into the differences between the two products along with revealing how each is effective in cleansing skin. 

Shower gel and soap: How are they different? 

Both products are designed to take care of your body. Both help you to cleanse your skin but in different ways. 

bath soap dissolves the dirt present on your skin’s surface and helps you get rid of it. If dirt or sweat accumulates on your skin’s surface, it depletes your body of its natural oils, making your skin look dull and dehydrated. It can also breed bacteria. Bath soaps break this layer of sweat and dust and wash off pathogens from your skin’s surface. 

Alternatively, shower gels are completely different from traditional bath soaps. They have a liquid texture & produce foam when applied to your skin. They contain foaming ingredients like sodium coco sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate. The shower gel is thinner in consistency and comparatively is a less hydrating body wash product. A shower gel cleanses your skin besides hydrating it. 

Shower gel or body soap: Which one should you prefer? 

Let’s see when it’s best to use shower gel and bath soap. 

shower gel is the best option for the following cases: 

-When you have dry skin

If your skin feels typically dry, dehydrated, stripped, or flaky, prefer using a shower gel. Shower gels contain hydrating agents that seep deep into your skin, hydrating it from within. Also, it coats your skin to seal in moisture. 

-When you have a chronic skin condition

If you have severe skin diseases like acne, rosacea, psoriasis, etc., consult a dermatologist and use a good-quality shower gel for cleansing your skin. Also, make sure you look for certain ingredients in your shower gel before buying. 

-When your skin needs more exfoliation

The shower gel contains finely milled or grounded synthetic or natural exfoliating ingredients. Hence, a shower gel works great as an exfoliating agent. These exfoliating ingredients are present in soaps, too but aren’t so finely grounded.

Bath soaps are suitable to be used in the following situations. 

-When you are environment conscious

Bath soaps are more eco-friendly than body wash or shower gels. A lot of soaps come in recyclable and biodegradable packaging and once you are done using the soap, you can throw away the package. 

-When you have specific allergies

Bathing soaps contain fewer ingredients than shower gels. Usually, they have fewer or no preservatives. Furthermore, there are also paraben-free variants in soaps. They are also less hypoallergenic. The reason being they are available in innumerous options including herbal and organic soaps. 


Your choice of shower gel or bathing soap must depend on your body’s needs and priorities. So, unless you are not aware of your specific skin needs, do not limit yourself from using one or the other product. Nevertheless, if your skin feels dry during winter, go for shower gel. And when it feels oilier during summers, the use of soaps is preferable. 


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