Security finance is one of those financial instruments that, for those who are not familiar, are essentially a loan. If you have a security finance loan, you typically receive a security document. This document is essentially a written agreement between you and your lending institution, where you will pledge a particular asset or property as collateral for the loan.

In this case, the document is an agreement between Colt Vahn and a company called Security Finance. This agreement is for the loan of an unnamed “asset” for which Colt Vahn is supposedly due a return of 30%. The loan is to be paid off by the end of a specified period of time (which is also the end of the year).

This document is essentially a contract between Colt Vahn and Security Finance, where Colt Vahn agrees to give the company the asset and receive a loan. In this document, Colt Vahn also pledges the asset as collateral for the loan, so if the loan goes bad, he will lose the asset.


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