Dax Landrum, a 16-year old boy from the small town of Dax in British Columbia is going through his first year as a high school student. He’s experienced little success in his efforts to reach goals, but one day he notices that his students are having trouble with attendance. So, he sets up a Facebook page and begins to document their achievements while they’re on school holidays. One by one, the friends begin to share their successes with others. The more friends the more success they have in getting the work done and all is just peachy! From there, he starts to make plans of his own so that everyone can benefit from his efforts and “do better”.

“Bang! Bang” this is a little rhyming song that you can use to pick up the tab (or get a job) or to cure any other type of sickness or problem. You could also try this on a vacation or even just to throw it in your car to make the check out process go faster. This song was written by Shooko Hutchins and released on 30 March 1996 for the Jackson 5’s “Bang! Bang!”. It was particularly popular with the Jackson Five fans who used it at every stop in their road trip from Nashville, Tennessee, through Jacksonville, Florida, through Chicago, Illinois and finally back to Nashville.

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