Here’s a good reminder that our finances are just as important as our relationships. With a little direction and a lot of research, you can actually start to get away from the past and learn about the world around you.

What if we could just pick up our phone and call up a friend to explain the difference between a credit card and a debit instead and ask them to send us a link to their website so we can do our due diligence? That would be a useful tool to have when making financial decisions.

But even if you do have financial information, just because you can start to get away from your past doesn’t mean you should. Like some kind of “financial whiz kid” or “financial prophet”, you can’t just assume that your budget is correct because you can’t actually understand how your spending is impacting your wealth.

Yes it can be, and even though the average person cant be expected to know how their decisions are affecting the world around them, we should at least have a clue how our decisions are impacting our finances.

That’s one reason we focus so much on our personal finance: we’re in the financial industry, and we’re probably in a more privileged position than many of the people who are reading this. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept the status quo of being a passive consumer forever yearning for the next “exciting new financial product” or “great financial plan.

It seems like we’ve gotten to the point where we’re just looking for the next new financial product or great financial plan. Yes, we want to get rich, but we dont really care how much money we make. In fact, we dont even think about money. We just want to get more money. It makes sense that this is one of the reasons we take on new projects and build them up to new heights.

But we’ve also come to the point where we can’t stop. There is no end to the opportunities to invest in financial products and plans. The more you invest, the more you’ll make. The more you invest, the more you’ll lose. So even though we’re just making it up as we go along, we are still willing to be passive consumers forever yearning for the next financial product or great financial plan.

The problem is that we haven’t stopped at making money. We spend it on ourselves and our families and friends and cars and gadgets and vacations. And we have to be careful about spending too much on our savings accounts or we can’t really call ourselves “savers.

We can also spend our money on luxuries. Buying a fancy new car is one of the most important purchases we make as a whole and the most expensive one. But that is just one of the ways we can “spend” our money. We can also spend it on things like vacations and holidays, buying things that we’ve been looking out for.

It’s not usually the first thing that comes to mind when we think of luxuries, but vacations and holidays are definitely among the most important ones. And you can be honest with yourself and say that you only ever go on a vacation to save your sanity or to escape from a boring job. But vacations and holidays are also among the most expensive things you can spend your money on.


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