This is a question that I’ve been answering for more than a decade. In a recent interview, I was asked about what I thought were some of the most important concepts in quantitative finance. I guess I’ll give my take on the most important points and explain why I believe they are important.

So first, I think that the most important concept in quantitative finance is the concept of “momentum.” Momentum comes from my favorite book of all time, “Einstein’s Pod.” I mean, if you were to read a random page in that book, you would see that Einstein said that time has a special relationship to motion and momentum, and that all energy is contained in the rate at which an object moves.

What is the most important concept in quantitative finance? It’s the concept of momentum. A lot of the math that is used in finance is based on the idea that the rate of change of an asset’s price is a function of the rate at which the asset is being bought and sold. That’s a fairly well-known concept, and it was a key concept in the creation of modern-day finance.

The rate at which an asset is bought and sold is called its momentum. The faster an asset is bought and sold, the greater the momentum. If an asset is bought and sold at a 1-2% momentum rate, the rate of change of the asset’s price is 1.2% per year. This momentum rate is called the rate of change rate, or RCR. A common misconception is that the RCR is the price. It isnt.

The RCR is a measure of the rate of change of the price of a financial asset over a certain period of time. The momentum is the rate of change of the RCR over a period of time.

The RCR is a measure of the speed at which you can buy a financial asset. As a result, an asset’s RCR determines how quickly an investor can buy in to a particular asset class.

This is the reason why you should buy your first financial asset first.

The reality is that when you look at financial assets, the RCR cannot be found. You have to look at the price of the financial assets and the future price of the financial assets. The price of every financial asset is influenced not only by what you are willing to pay for it, but how you are willing to spend it.

The reason you should buy your assets first is because you are willing to pay for the assets the investor is willing to pay for. This is how they are determined.

If you want to invest your money in a stock, you should buy it before you sell it. The reason for this is because stocks are like cars. You can only go really far with them if you sell them before you buy them. It’s like going to the dentist. You need to keep up with it so that you can have a strong teeth to eat. You need to maintain a strong mouth to eat.


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