mj yahoo finance is a finance game I’ve been playing since 2010. My goal this week was to make the most of the information I found online. I found that the average user spends more than $8,000 a year on their credit cards. I didn’t have a lot of data available and I figured that it could be difficult to make a more accurate estimate, but I figured I would give it a try.

So for those of you who read my blog regularly, you know that I’m a big fan of using data to find the best deals. This week I found that the average user spends $8,000 on their credit card every year. While I dont have that number, I know that the average user spends 4 times as much on their credit card than I do, so it doesn’t really matter.

According to the latest Annual Credit Card Spending Report from FICO, the average spending amount per US citizen increased 4.3% in 2011. This is up from 3.5% last year. According to FICO, the average credit card user now spends $2,890.10 on their credit card in a single year. This is up from $2,731.70 in 2009 and the highest spending average of all time.

It is interesting to see that, even though the average credit card user now spends more than they do on credit, they also spend less than they do on other forms of credit.

Is this good or bad? Are we spending more on our credit cards than we should? Who knows, but with the FICO report, we can see where we spend our money. So if you want to know the real truth about your credit card spending, the real answer is likely to be no.

The first thing to notice is that I’m not in a position to make any more financial decisions about which of the three main categories of finance to pay for, since it’s not a total decision. I can’t go into all the details of how you spend money, but I can talk about the various types of investments that you want to make.

The point is that there is a wealth of information available to you from the FICO report, so if you want to find out the real truth about spending your money, it’s not a bad idea to take it into account, but it’s not likely to be a decision you should make. If you’re not worried about getting ripped off, the FICO report will save you a lot of money.

Investing is a habit that people need to acquire if they want to live longer. You should take that into account when you’re making your decision about investing. The problem is that people often times don’t do the research and actually don’t do the research. They just get caught up in the excitement of making a big money decision and not having a good grasp on the things that really matter to their finances.

Thats exactly what happened to me. My mom was like, “youre so awesome. You can make money with this!” I was like, “i dont know about that!” I didnt know what she was talking about and didnt bother to ask her.

Yeah, its a problem. With the internet and the ease of making online investments, it can be hard to get a good grasp on what the important things are. We have a tendency to jump on the bandwagon, and it can be hard to go back and look at what things were really like. This is exactly why I recommend getting yourself a copy of the Money Book by William Bernstein. He has a simple system of investing that works for anyone and has helped millions of people in their investments.


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