Linen tunic

Whenever the season changes, it’s the perfect opportunity to update your clothing collection. As we all know, cottons and linens are wardrobe essentials in summer. They regulate body temperatures and look incredibly trendy.

One of the best-loved silhouettes for the season is the tunic. You can now up your fashion game with cotton tunics and linen tunics for women.

With so many wonderful options of tunic lengths and shapes, you will definitely discover something new and worth trying. From kimono-inspired pieces to classic kurtas, cowl neck dresses, straight-fit shirts, and dress silhouettes with experimental hemlines, designer tunics today are versatile in terms of how they look and how they encourage styling for various occasions. 

Tunics in cotton, linen flax, chambray, and related blended fabrics are quite popular among women who love to try new fashion and stay updated. You get to look chic, cool, and comfortable and are easily mobile throughout the day.

For a spirited weekend outing or a relaxing vacation, pair with denims or create contrasts with linen or silk pants. If it’s a date or get-together with friends at a cafe, art show, musical gig, or the mall, maybe go for flowy kaftans or asymmetrical forms.

Linen Tunics 

Linen is an ancient material, going back hundreds, if not thousands of years. Today, it is one of the finest summer fabric choices. It’s uniquely breathable, robust and durable, and in terms of how it looks, linen has neutral tones that easily adapt to various styling efforts. You can keep rewearing it and for a long time, it won’t show any obvious signs of how old it is.

Linen is a favourite fabric among fashion designers, used to create unique summer pieces. When you try on linen tunics, you’ll love how light and comfortable it makes you feel, and everyone around will notice too.

No matter what the length of your sleeves, or whether your hemline is straight, curved inwards or flowing to one side, every look is effortless and cool with linen dresses. Play with silhouette lines to show off your figure in interesting ways and control how much skin peeps out of the separate. You can wear linen tunics all summer long and choices are aplenty.

Cotton Tunics

These tunics are just as popular as linen tunics because of their versatility and comfort. It goes without saying that fine cotton is extremely lightweight and airy, and this makes the fabric a preferred choice on summer days in warmer climates.

Cotton is easy to wash and wear and you rarely have to worry about rips or tears as you wear cotton separates during a busy summer schedule. The fabric is easy to work with and thus lends itself to great sartorial creativity. Tunics are crafted in cotton in a range of bright, summery colours and make for effortless daily wear. You can opt for a flowy kaftan, simple or asymmetrical tunics, that are printed or intricately embroidered. You can pair these with cotton trousers and statement earrings for a chic look.

Long Story Short

No matter what kind of style statement you want to make, there is a tunic out there for you. The finest in cotton and linen tunics are available in a variety of styles in luxury collections by Ritu Kumar, Wendell Rodricks and Payal Singhal, among others.


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