Meta: Children are innocent and adorable who can light up any room just by their presence. But sometimes they can be a little difficult to handle and you might get the urge to scold them. Parents always try to control kids with their loud voices, warning them to behave. Fear is a common tool used for controlling kids’ behaviour. 

Yelling or screaming at your kids harms their mental state. Scolding kids is a natural reaction when things get out of control but parents must wait a moment and try to calm down. Any aggressive verbal or physical gesture can cause serious damage to the children’s mental health. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a peaceful and friendly relation with kids. Several activities can help parents bond with their little ones and hence find ways to control their temper. Yellow Class is one such online platform that offers a variety of fun activities for kids and online hobby classes. Parents can also take part in these online kids classes to build a friendly bond with them. Children can visit the Online Free Hobby Classes for Kids at Yellow Class and choose any hobbies to do online such as yoga, dance, turmeric painting, pottery, Zumba, science experiments, easy magician tricks, and more. Let us look at why parents should not yell at kids:

Kids will not trust you-

Kids consider their parents someone they can run to whenever they are into trouble. Parents are not just individuals who provide them with their necessities but also protect them when they feel scared. But when parents start yelling and scaring their kids, the trust is brutally affected. Thus, it is important to keep the trust intact by staying patient and soft with them. Fear can push children away and that is not what parents wish for. 

Children start hiding and lying-

Whenever a kid makes a mistake and parents scream at them, it affects their relationship with them. Children then start lying and hiding their mistakes to protect themselves from getting scolded. Parents must stay patient and understand that making mistakes is a part of growing up and is a learning curve. Instead of scolding and yelling at them parents must guide them and understand the mistake. They should be the ones to rectify their mistakes and help them learn from them. 

Children become arrogant-

No individual likes to stay around people who constantly nag and criticize others. Children get the same feeling when parents keep on yelling and scolding them. Too much screaming can make your scolding ineffective in the long run. Yelling or screaming turns the conversation one-sided and children do not learn anything from it. 

It affects their self-esteem-

Constantly punishing and yelling at children can seriously damage their self-esteem. Kids cannot think complex things and tend to believe what their parents say or show. Excess yelling can make them doubt their abilities and worth. They can also develop an inferiority complex because of all the punishment and yelling. Children also take everything by heart and constant yelling can hurt them.  

Children may become aggressive-

Parents learn a lot from their parents and they tend to mirror them in their initial age. Therefore, parents being aggressive of kids can make them aggressive too. They may also learn to react aggressively by seeing your behaviour. 

Kids develop a habit of being yelled at If parents keep on yelling at their kids on every minor and major issue, kids can develop a habit of being yelled at. The behaviour of parents become quite predictable and things can go out of control. Thus, parents must realize when and when not to yell or scold their kids. At the end of the day, what matters is the bond between parents and kids. 


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