One of the most popular marketing topics for professionals is the relevance of information in a company’s press release, but what about those that aren’t professional?. Journal of applied corporate finance explores the implications of research firms and those who work for non-profit organizations. The focus is how a small business can use their self-funded client base to reach a much broader audience, which can have an impact on not only business operations and staff but also the perceptions of corporations in different parts of the world.

In today’s business environment, there are a lot of different ways companies can apply their data. Our research team discovered that over half of the major companies out there produce their own data. From establishing a pricing model to comparing and calculating margins, in many cases we know just how much data is being produced.

The Journal of Applied Corporate Finance is an academic journal dedicated to publications on the most important issues affecting corporate finance in Asia. The journal is a peer-reviewed publication that offers a thorough analysis, estimation and discussion of the fundamental business issues and trends in corporate finance currently occurring in Asia. The journal publishes articles based on research, systematic reviews and case studies that cover the major areas of subject.


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