I have a long history of blogging and I have been assigned to write a presentation on the financial literacy of millennials. However, this presentation is about to become reality. I wanted to share with you a great program in which you can apply these thoughts with your students that they may not have otherwise considered. The Nelson Cove Foundation has created this program as an outlet for these ideas and resources.

This article will introduce you to the young generation and their ideas about finance and how it relates to investing. The fundamentals of investing are similar across generations, but how they think about different investments is completely different than when they were just learning. The young generation has made alot of money through their own, risky options by investing in less well known investments that tend to make up a larger percentage of their portfolio. This allows them to focus on the companies they believe would make money as opposed to spending a lot on expensive retirement funds that may not be able to generate returns when they’re retired.


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