I bet if you ask a man why he’s rich, he’ll say it? Well, there’s probably something to that but to make it more interesting, I’ll give you a hint: “I am rich”. So why won’t I be poor? Because I’m about to tell you that the answer is not only financial, but also psychological. You see the rich only survive by getting richer. And the rich do so by exploiting those around them. Being in the belly of the beast guarantees that your family member or friend is left with a huge amount of money.

The future of investing is cryptocurrency. If you are one of those who do not really understand the different types of cryptocurrencies, or if you have only heard about them through their marketing campaigns, then this post will have a big impact. Let us start with Bitcoin. The most well-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin that can be bought and sold on various markets such as exchanges, where it has high liquidity. Bitcoin is created every ten minutes, and these transactions are validated by miners. If there are no miners participating in the transactions, then the transactions cannot be verified and there will be no value added to the currency.

Is finance a good major reddit, I found this post to be quite interesting. I think it’s a good idea to read more of the discussion concerning a major and that might have been more interesting than the headline.


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