A recent report from the iowa campaign finance reports found that nearly half of the state’s political groups in the last decade have spent more than a million dollars on federal elections.

Not that it’s surprising that these groups spend so much money, but the real surprise is the amount of money spent by small business and unions. The iowa report is a good reminder not to underestimate the amount of money spent in elections. In the same report, it was found that nearly half of the states political groups in the last decade have spent $1 million or more on federal elections.

The iowa report was commissioned by the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Election Commission, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. And while the report is a good reminder for the people to just watch their money, the real lesson is that it is a good reminder for the federal government to spend less money.

The iowa report found that a majority of states spent 1 million or more on elections in the last decade. State election commissions have been telling us for years that money spent on an election is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money spent on anything else in the national budget. We can’t put a price on the effectiveness of a campaign, but we can put a price on the effectiveness of the federal government.

State election commissions are just the tip of the iceberg. A federal government that spends less on elections can take steps to reduce the number of wasted campaigns. In the case of iowa, the state commissioners were told by their own employees that they’re just as much of a waste of time as that other wasteful government department.

It turns out that in the state of iowa they did something that sounds almost like a crime, but is really just a waste of taxpayer money. They set up a special committee to investigate the activities of the iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR). They found that some employees of the DNR had been making campaign contributions to iowa candidates, and the employees had then reimbursed these contributions to the DNR.

DNR employees have been reimbursed for campaign contributions they made to candidates in other states. So if the iowa DNR employees were looking out for iowa candidates, then maybe it’s best that they didn’t look out for iowa candidates themselves.

I think you can probably rule that out as well, but still, the question remains.

So the DNR is investigating whether these iowa employees were indeed looking out for iowa candidates.

It turns out they were. This is the second time that we’ve got this info. We’ve been looking at the DNR for two years. They’ve been looking at the work done on the website of the iowa campaign finance official, and it turns out to be rather thorough and thorough. We’ve got this information for the DNR because we were looking at many of the state-funded websites that we use for campaigns.


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