As a real estate agent, you constantly formulate ways to beat the competition and get your services known to clients. With online marketing leaving little room to spare, you must seek out alternative methods for advertising to get your brand recognized. Research shows that using real estate postcards to generate interest is consistently effective. Whether you’re looking to target potential buyers, sellers, or sellers who failed to sell their homes, there are numerous ways to incorporate mailing postcards to pique interest. 

No matter your intention, you can use expired listing postcards from Wise Pelican to intrigue potential clients looking to sell, buy, or resell their homes. Those who failed to sell their homes the first time around may be responsive to expired listing postcards or cards that indicate your ability as a real estate agent to sell a home that another agent failed at selling. Expired listings can boost lead generation because you are sitting on a goldmine once you find the homeowners who couldn’t sell their homes before. 

Interested in learning how expiring listing postcards can boost your lead generation? Read on to optimize your business by focusing on this market niche. 

1. Target Correctly With Expired Listing Postcards  

One of the reasons that mailing postcards are so effective is that they can be customized and tweaked to market to specific groups of people who need specific things. You might have a postcard dedicated to a luxury housing community and another for affordable, single-family homes in a given area. Your cards might also provide informative information on market analysis updates that let readers know what real estate is going for now.

2. Target Correctly With Expired Listing Postcards  

You can narrow your mailings to those whose homes haven’t sold. The postcards directed at these folks are considered ‘expired listing postcards’ because they are meant to intrigue clients whose previous attempts to sell their homes have failed them. The use of expired listing postcards is particularly effective at drawing in new clients. The people they are directed at are more eager to get involved with real estate than others who want to take their time. Expired listings are listings where the contract with another real estate agent has ended. This time, homeowners will be looking for a different real estate to sell their property. 

3. Create Emotional Pull

There is bound to be a great deal of frustration among homeowners who have previously failed to sell their homes. You can make more effective real estate postcards by including these frustrations as validation in your postcards. You want to intrigue the emotional aspects that will engage readers in this position. You’re more likely to work with the people who feel emotionally invested. Your clients will want to see that you understand the frustration of not selling a property. 

Start Using Expired Listing Postcards Today

The combination of eagerness and frustration gives real estate agents the upper hand in working with clients who have failed to sell their homes. Use expired listing postcards to find clients in this position and watch your business fly!


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