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If you are a US expat living in Hong Kong or are planning to move to Hong Kong in the future, it’s important to ensure your full compliance with US expat tax laws in both the situation i.e. before and after your departure. Otherwise, your non-compliance with the laws stated in the provisions of the US expat tax in Hong Kong could be subject to costly civil penalties, or even prosecution. As an expat, you need to file US expat taxes in Hong Kong, no matter where you live and work- it’s a compulsory obligation that you have to take care of.

While this may sound overwhelming if you do it on your own with no prior tax expertise. This is where you come across the need for professional US tax services for Americans in Hong Kong handling international tax matters for decades. The US expat tax experts also guide you on how to start filing US expat taxes in Hong Kong with accuracy before the deadline. 

This handy quick start expat tax guide will surely help you get going in the right direction!

Important Facts US Expats Should Know

Here we have outlined a few facts for US citizens living or working in Hong Kong, so you may know what affects the tax you pay and which tax forms you need to file to receive a maximum deduction and avoid penalties. However, you get all such information in detail with experts USA tax services in Hong Kong, their services will make tax filing simple and secure.

Expats need to file a tax return in Hong Kong

US citizens living abroad are required to file a yearly tax return with the IRS. However, living abroad causes long formal processing and shipping delays, considering this fact, the IRS allows several extensions for taxpayers in the form of a deadline, i.e. from 15th April to June 15th, and then on additional requests, the deadline is shifted to October 15th. This deadline extension is available to:

  • US citizens living overseas
  • Resident aliens residing overseas
  • Members of the US military who were serving duty, outside the US, on 15th April

Process to lower taxation

With proper tax planning, tax filing preparation, and the right US tax services in Hong Kong, you should be able to take advantage of certain exemptions available to minimize or even eliminate your liability for US expat taxes. US government introduced special provisions to help protect the expats from double taxation, these provisions include:

  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion- The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, or FEIE in short, allows you to decrease your taxable income on US expat taxes. The redemption of this particular provision is available to those taxpayers who meet certain time-based residency requirements. 
  • Foreign Tax Credit- This provision can lower your tax bill on your remaining income by certain amounts paid to a foreign government.
  • Foreign Housing Exclusion- It allows an additional exclusion of income for certain amounts paid for household expenses that generate as a consequence of living abroad. 

Due to the complicated US expat taxation process, it’s generally more favorable for Americans living in Hong Kong to use the foreign earned income exclusion. Having the assistance of a US expat tax professional can show you the right taxation path.

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By hiring professional US tax services in Hong Kong, US expats can avoid penalties associated with the IRS tax filing procedure.


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