The Australian continent is located between two oceans, the Indian and Pacific Oceans, with a population of 25.36 million. The country is also one of the richest in the Pacific region, with an estimated GDP of USD1.4 trillion. As such, Australia holds the 12th largest economy based on the 2021 world benchmark report. This gives room to numerous investment opportunities in Australia.

Securing financial independence is one of the primary goals of most Australians. As any venture capitalist would have it, high yielding prospects are one of the primary considerations. But, this is not all that matters when it comes to the money market. 

When reviewing a portfolio, you will also want to look at its absolute potential and those under risk-adjusted returns. However, not all investment returns are created equal, and you need to look at all possible investment opportunities. 

Why Are Investments Making a Comeback Amongst Australians? 

Fluctuations in the money market have always had a staggering effect on the interests of most Australians. Although the country has had a strong economic performance, people are still afraid of losing their money because of speculations over the instability of today’s world economies. 

The global pandemic has put everything into perspective, particularly the money market industry, where volatility is still high. However, more and more Australians are tapping into investments outside of their super and primary residential properties. 

Younger investors are expanding their portfolios beyond the traditional investment styles. At the same time, retirees and pre-retirees are rethinking their investment approaches, plans, and life expectations. 

3 Safe and Low-risk Investments with Good Returns

There are many investment products in Australia, and finding one that fits your investment style is equally hard. But, if you are looking for safe and low-risk investments to put your money into, some products can provide you with what you are looking for. 

Here are some of the safest and low-risk investments you can try to increase your venture portfolio:

  • High-yield savings account. A high-yield savings account allows you to generate income based on the interest of your savings account deposit. You can start with a small amount and gradually grow your money by adding funds to your savings. 
  • Money market account.  A money market account is a safe and secure investment to grow your savings. It works similar to a regular cash savings account where you can access your money anytime you want.  The money market account is on the low-risk investment spectrum and typically sits well with young investors. 
  • Stocks. Stocks are one of the best investments right now because they tend to spike up, and your investment gets a better yield. One critical thing to consider is to put your money in a company with a better growth perspective, so you get better value for your investment. 

Finding the right investment opportunities in Australia depends on your investment style and ability to take investment conjecture. Market volatility is a significant risk to your investment. However, it has always led to greater opportunities in the long term. 


The text mentioned above is a brief guide to help you choose the right type of investment. Knowing the type of investment portfolio you would like to have will give you the right idea of taking steps to secure its returns. However, the Australian investing industry has a few alternatives for those who want to get better yields. 


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