UPS Power Supply

A power cut is not uncommon, but it can be highly inconvenient when any work gets disrupted because of it. Especially in Australia, extreme weather conditions often lead to unexpected power cuts, as happened after heat waves in 2019.

But when there is a UPS power supply to backup your PC, there is no need to worry about lost data any more. There are different UPS available with varied specifications and capacities. Choosing the right one for a private PC is the key to cost-effectively managing system maintenance.

Here, a few tips and pointers are shared, which will help choose the best UPS for any PC. Read on to find out how to narrow down the best options.

The UPS power supply is essential to keep the PC running during any emergency power outage. Hence, high quality and heavy-duty UPS is necessary. Here are ways to choose such a UPS wisely:

Power Requirement of the PC

Users must be familiar with the power requirement and hardware specification of the PC before choosing the UPS. You must consider the total electrical load and run time of the PC to determine the best UPS. Usually, an UPS that is strong enough to keep the system running till all data has been saved and backed up is ideally chosen for personal use.

Recognising Common Power Problems

Power outage is not the only problem that UPS deals with. The UPS also minimises voltage fluctuation, surge, harmonic distortion, and other power issues. Any such power problems can damage the PC from which the UPS power supply protects it. However, this is only possible when the UPS is powerful enough to combat all such factors. Hence, recognising the power problems and choosing the device accordingly is essential.

UPS Design

UPS can come in a variety of designs ranging from small and sleek to very bulky styles too. Size does not define power, though. When choosing a UPS, you need to keep the available space in mind. There are specific desktop models which are relatively smaller and designed for PCs especially. Other than that, there are also tower UPS which are big enough to power an entire workstation.

Price and brand

UPS are costly devices, and the price increases based on the features and functions. The more powerful the UPS, the higher the price will be. However, some brands come up with comparatively affordable alternatives. 

It is best not to compromise on the price and brand for UPS as it can affect the overall health of the PC. There are reputed brands for UPS power supply specifically, which offer various designs and features.

This is a crucial factor. The runtime is the period through which the PC will stay switched on even after a power cut. The power of the UPS is also determined primarily based on this factor. The key to determining the desired runtime is estimating the type of work done on the PC. For most users, an average runtime enough to save the files is good enough. Heavy-duty users would require higher runtime and, accordingly, a more powerful UPS.

The UPS is an elemental device for a PC user. It is the power source when the power supply fluctuates frequently. Hence, keeping the tips in mind, buyers can easily invest in the best model for their purpose.


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