Highland premium finance is a specialist real estate financing company providing high yield and stable returns, as well as access to some of the best residential properties in the country. We work with a range of registered investors including Fannie Mae. This has enabled us to provide Fulbright-Hays scholarship holders with access to affordable housing opportunities. We also have access to a complex network of banks and other financial institutions who can assist us in our funding goals and investing strategy.

Highland premium finance offers you cash and interest rates, without taxes on top. In addition to your regular fixed deposits, Highland offers monthly and interest-only deposits, for extra cash as well. There’s no annual fee for savings accounts and there’s no minimum deposit requirements. You can even use up to $100,000 in a single deposit in one year. The money you deposit is immediately invested by an advisor who will find the best rates for you and would usually be paid in full within two months.

Highland premium finance is an online platform that has grown around the world and revolutionized the way consumers can save money on their health insurance and household bills. With these great features, we hope to encourage you to take a closer look at what’s out there and why it’s so lucrative. We live in a world where we all need to save money, but there is one trend that is not getting the face-time it deserves! The low interest rate has hit banks’ bottom line. What’s worse, when you get on your super credit card it makes your final balance go up and growth in spending slows down. Now imagine if you reached for another card and they were to offer you the same rates, which are over 10% more expensive.


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