There is one thing all too few people know about Harlan Ky: Harlan Ky is a pro. I started writing and producing content for the Boston Herald in 2002. I sat down with Harlan Ky to talk about everything from investing to his weekly e-mail column, “The Bear in Your Pocket,” which was featured at Forbes in June of 2013. Here’s what he had to say: The fact that there aren’t more people like that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for growth and development. The types of job opportunities we have now are either a product of our success or the result of others wanting to capitalize on our success by making their own products.

Harlan Ky is a former investment banker who has been investing for nearly 30 years. He started investing in stocks and other forms of asset security in the early 1990’s. As he moved through various markets, Harlan’s interest and knowledge about business communications, property, and even finance also grew. Harlan met his wife Jennifer on the Stock Market, where he would call her from the University of California at Berkeley teaching students how to use stocks and other assets through some of his best friends. They were married in 1996, with their first child being born four years later.

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