Fused money is your favourite thing in the world. It consists of Bitcoins, dollars and euros for example. It has no face value, it is set to convert immediately into money when you send it to the recipient. There are some properties of Fused money that make it important for you: Peer-to-peer (no middle man), certain property of Bitcoins (mine to mine), specific property of Bitcoins (mine and mine) and even property of an exchange (unlike any other financial asset like US dollar or euro, created by FSB). The most important property of FUSED MONEY is that it doesn’t change hands between any 2 or 3 parties.

Fusion finance is a blockchain-based private banking and financial services platform, developed by the Fusion team. It works in conjunction with a centralised bank and a public administration agency to provide customers with fast, affordable and secure access to financing. It also offers Credit, Financing, and Insurance options.


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