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Shoes, aside from being functional, are a fashion statement and can make or break a look. Pairing the right shoes with the right outfit is an art in itself. Being a place with diverse cultures and people, Australia is fast becoming one of the leading fashion centres of the world. Australia has stores that host classic fashion labels and give opportunities to new and upcoming designers and stylists. 

With many stores selling various types of women’s shoes in Australia, it is easy to get overwhelmed with what shoes to buy. So for anybody confused about where to start, here is a list of essential shoes that all women should own.


Sneakers are essential in every woman’s wardrobe. They are the ultimate comfort shoes and the best for wearing during long hours without any discomfort. For running errands or going for a walk in the park, meeting friends to catch up over coffee, chores, name it, sneakers are the best choice! They offer good support and stability to feet, making them ideal for wearing for a long time. They are quite versatile and come in many styles. Sneakers made from fabrics like mesh are very breathable and hence are very comfortable to wear. So, make sure to add a pair of sneakers to your closet since they are guaranteed to be used very often. 

Black pumps

Pumps or court shoes are classics that every woman should own. They go great with both formal and informal dresses. Pumps match well with business attire like suits, and at the same time, wearing pumps with casual outfits like jeans and skirts are also a good choice. Owning a pair of black pumps is necessary as black looks good with every colour and compliments the whole look. Buying black pumps is a reliable investment as they look good with anything and can be styled in various ways. 

Aside from black, nude shades are also a good choice as they complete any look without competing or clashing with the outfit.


Boots are another solid investment that looks good with everything. There are different types of boots available like ankle length, platform boots, knee-high boots etc. Boots give a chic look to any outfit and make it look fashionable. Aside from the popular choice of wearing them with jeans, they also look great on spring clothes like skirts and floral dresses. Wearing boots is an easy way to make any outfit look stylish.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are the ultimate shoes for everyday wear. These are inspired by and named after the shoes worn by ballerinas. 

These shoes can be worn both as everyday office wear and for casual outings and evenings. Aside from being comfortable, they are casually elegant and are good alternatives for high heels, which are not a good choice for wearing for extended periods. A pair of ballet flats are the best choice when one does not know what to wear. 


Slides are a type of sandals that have a flat base, are backless and have a wide strap on top. These are easy to slip on and slip off, hence the name. Slides are extremely comfortable footwear and can be worn during warm weather since they are open-toed and non-fussy, providing easy air circulation. Though these are casual, they can be paired with flats, dresses, skirts and worn for fun outings. Slides are essential in any woman’s closet as they are easy to wear but look trendy and cool.

All these shoes are closet staples as they are both functional and fashionable. Any store that sells women’s shoes in Australia will have all the shoes mentioned above. So don’t forget to buy these essentials and build your shoe closet! 


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