A vector is a string of mathematical symbols. Vector is the math behind all of our transportation, communication and all of our seasons. FMC is the most advanced, dedicated team with $20 million due to next year’s funding, who work at the intersection of human-machine interaction, science, and business. They have been working on this project since 2004 and are still in the same state we have today. We’ve seen them reach the point where you can’t believe that they’re actually just an idea or a company – they have taken this idea and put it to work and made these 2D vectors.

In the aftermath of a financial crisis like the one we had in 2008, it is easy to see that many people who have lost their jobs or are out of work are forced to take out loans and large amounts of cash. But what if these people are struggling to get back on their feet? This small business is aiming to change that and provide people with a way out, in return for work. The money they receive (roughly $25) will go towards getting them back into work and getting the finances set up so they can pay bills.

Explore this site and get some insight into the world of vector finance. Find out how the world of finance today is different from what we can expect to see in the future.


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