I’m a finance intern at New York City’s largest financial firm. I’ve been there for two years and I am so excited because I get to work with new and interesting people every day. In addition to interning, I’m also managing our payroll, writing financial reports and analyzing data, and doing a lot of other admin stuff. It’s an incredible job.

I’m an intern.

At any given time there are about 20 people working in our finance department. We have a lot of cool people working here. I think most of my coworkers would say I am the most unique of all the interns.

Ive been interning here for three months and i think at the end of the internship i will be the most unique person ive worked with. I have a ton of respect from everyone here for the work im doing. Im not afraid to do things I didnt think I could do. Im one of those people that dont care about what others think. Im not afraid to work for myself. Im a team player and if I dont like it, I dont do it.

I have to admit I am a little nervous because there are so many wonderful people in this program. The school seems to be run quite well and the teachers are great. I feel that I am doing a great job, and I think I am going to make great friends in college.

The whole process of getting an internship in finance is fairly intimidating and stressful, but I have to say that I’m impressed with the school and the teachers. They seem to genuinely care that they are giving work to really good students. They don’t let them get complacent, and they don’t make promises they know they can’t keep. It’s a good feeling to know that my work will be worth something someday.

The idea that a college will care that you are doing a good job and that they are going to give you a good report is pretty rare. I think the experience of interning at the financial institution that hired me is a good indication that this is true.

Its not just the money but the opportunity to work on interesting projects. I also think that you are at the front of your class. You have the opportunity to learn new things and to work on tasks that are not all things to do. Many times my internship was quite exciting and fun, but at the same time it was also very boring.

I know it sounds weird, but if you are looking for a real job, then I would strongly recommend getting your education first. Then you can work on projects based on your education, and you will get a job that is interesting and will give you opportunity to learn new things.

I’ve been interning in finance for two years now, and I’ve been interning for two years in financial services. I’ve had a great time so far, and I can’t wait to get to work in the next two years. I’m not sure if I’m a finance intern or a financial intern, but I’ve really enjoyed my time so far.


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