FATCO’s mission is to capture the future of finance. In the future, no matter the product or service, we are going to need to think of ways to offer our customers less but more. We’ve dreamed of having a vehicle that looks like a car, a computer that doesn’t have any RAM, and a smart phone that has all of the latest advancements in mobile technology. What if we could create something that had all of these things and then give them to someone else as well? This is what we’ve been working on for the past nine months.

There are numerous companies that are trying to bring the field of digital commerce to the masses, and one of them is FINANCIAL COMPANIES NEAR ME. The founders of FINANCIAL COMPANIES NEAR ME aim to provide a safe and easy way for anyone to purchase products from anywhere in the world. Currently, this technology lets people buy anything from any participating media outlets through a mobile app. The idea behind this system is to offer consumers the ability to buy goods and services from any company, however they are the only ones who can see them.

This post is about the next step in my journey to become a better investor. I (one point 4 points) am looking to invest in private research companies, which I believe have a better chance of making the right investments or decisions based on the evidence available at the time. Private companies are great because I can get CAGR figures that won’t appear when talking directly to investors. Investors will see nothing but numbers and not the company itself. It’s great, because you don’t have to act as an investor just by reading up on things or reading articles. But as investors we don’t like to act as investors so we need to create our own research networks before we start using this information ourselves.


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