It is true that we are often unaware of what we have already accomplished, yet we have a tendency to think that we will accomplish more.

The problem is that often we think we are already accomplishing more, but in reality we are not. We are just not aware of it. So what do we do to change that? First, pay attention to what we already have accomplished. Second, keep trying new things. Third, write letters to your fellow human beings.

That’s what we can do, and as a bonus, it’s called the “Don’t Blame Your Mistake Again” method. We are only accountable for our actions when we think we are making mistakes, but we are often not aware of our mistakes. It takes time, but we are capable of taking steps towards accountability and learning from our mistakes. We are, after all, human beings.

If you’re like me and have problems with feeling like a failure for not learning more about your finance or investing, you’re not alone. I am very aware that I have many more years ahead of me than my years are in the past. I feel that most people do as well. That said, I have a few years left so I really need to keep at it. I have an article on the topic somewhere online here.

And I have a few more articles on it to do, too.

I’m not sure that just “keeping at it” is a good thing. You can think about doing things like creating a YouTube channel to teach others how to invest or make money from finance, and it is an awesome thing to do. But most importantly, you have to get started. Most people don’t want to make money from finance but, after getting started, don’t want to do anything else.

As the saying goes, “the first step is always the hardest.” If you haven’t yet taken the first step, you will find yourself stuck right back where you started. So start right now. Start with YouTube, just like I did. Get a YouTube channel. Get a YouTube account. Get some traffic. Get some new viewers. Now, don’t just start making money online, you have to start earning money online.

This is one of the most common questions we get asked by newbies: “How much do you make from YouTube?” But that’s not the only question, because there’s also “How much do you want to make?” and even “How much do you want to make?” and “How much do you want to make?” The more we get into the specifics of making money online, the more we realize how much fun it is to make money online.

And it’s a good thing the developers at Google are happy to help. The company is also looking for a developer who’s already made a very big income from their work.

So in the world of work, Google’s making a lot of money, and they’re hoping to make even more. But they’re also looking for a lot of developers willing to join up, so Google won’t be able to make all the money they’re hoping to. It’s a great opportunity for those that want to make money online while also making money for themselves. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make money too.


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