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It always wise to avoid unnecessary traveling and it’s always important not to miss where you must travel. For that matter, you might have to travel off the beaten tracks of the most famous places such as taking flights from Lahore to Toronto. Moreover, you also have to make sure that you are traveling with all the necessary things that you will be needing along the way and reaching your destination. You can also take the services of the best travel agents in your country.

This way, you will not have to face any trouble while you are still on your journey. The same is the case with today’s news where you will learn about the latest travel advisory for Pakistani passengers that Canada announced. Keep on reading to find out.

The News

The overall travel advisory has been dramatically updated and improved by the government of Canada for the most parts of Pakistan. Moving on to Twitter, the Adviser thanked the High Commission of Canada for supporting the Department of Commerce in this regard.
The advisor further said that the improved travel advice helps restore Canadian investor confidence, allowing them to discover investment opportunities in various industries in Pakistan, he added It also encourages Canadians to visit and explore different parts of Pakistan, resulting in a significant increase in the tourism industry.

The trade advisor noted that Canadian investors and citizens will soon be headed to Pakistan as the Canadian government eases travel restrictions with the coronavirus.

Severe travel restrictions still apply in many countries and the availability of international shipping options remains limited. You can get all the latest information regarding that from any of the best travel agents located near you. Subsequently, you may experience issues getting back to Canada. While a few nations are mostly opening their fringes, we actually exhort against unnecessary travel outside Canada. We also still advise you to avoid any cruise ship trips outside of Canada until further notice.

The governments of these places, which have opened their borders to tourists, could suddenly impose severe travel restrictions should there be an increase in COVID-19 cases. International shipping options can be significantly reduced, making it difficult to return to Canada. No additional repatriation flights are planned. If, despite our advice, you decide to travel, please note that you may have to stay abroad longer than expected.

  • If you opt for traveling other than these advisories then:
  • You will have to face difficulty in order to obtain services and products.
  • You will have a very short time to access the appropriate healthcare services in time.
  • You might also suddenly have to face very strict and immediate movement restrictions to spend the time in quarantine in the specifically made facilities.
  • You will have to bear all the cost of the quarantine on your own.
  • Your personal insurance will not provide you with the coverage for your medical and travel expenses.
  • You will have a very limited capacity to opt for a consular.

In the case of Pakistan, it is advised not to travel to the area within:

  • 50 kilometersnear to the Afghanistan border.
  • 10 kilometers of the borders with Iran, China, and India.

Other than the Wagah border and Khunjerab Pass the latest advisory also advises against traveling to:

  • Azad Jammu and Kashmir and.
  • Balochistan.

Moreover, it also includes the stretch of the Karakoram highway from:

Mansehra to Chilas, via:

  • Battagram.
  • Besham City.
  • Dasu.
  • Sazin.

Whether you take flights from Lahore to Toronto or anywhere else under the light of the information mentioned above the rules of the new advisory will be applied.


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