Bluefin auto finance is based in Chicago, and recently came out with their new design. The bluefin is a two-passenger vehicle that can travel up to 100 miles on its 200 mile range, and features Bluetooth connectivity. And, if you’re interested in more than one car then you have options too, such as a van or mini bus. At first, it was thought that Ford would be the title sponsor on the bluefin but Blackhawk Motor Car Company purchased Ford Motor Company from the automaker in April 2013.

We all know there are auto finance companies that are trying to make you a little bit richer by offering you tons of deals with the best insurance rates, but we wondered if there was one that actually matched up to the fact that auto finance is supposed to be about helping you get out of debt and into retirement. Bluefin auto finance is one such company that offers exactly that. They match your cash flow with your asset allocation as well as your current credit rating and save you time and hassle in dealing with forbearance, credit card collections, and bad credit loans. Bluefin cars have an average warranty period of 10 years from purchase to sale, satisfying the American Auto Finance Association (AAA) definition of a “long-term” warranty for built vehicles.

As a financial planner, I want to help people save for their retirement. So when I was researching the best financial services for retirement and saving, I was very interested in bluefin auto finance.Along with saving for their own retirement and saving money for their family, bluefin auto finance also offers financial products to improve the lifestyle of their customers. This includes advice about investing in poor credit for those who can’t afford it or help them get on track with their mortgage payments. The company also offers a 401(k) match option to help offset any tax liability they may have to pay while helping them save more time and money by not having to constantly check on the account.

Bluefin is a car finance marketplace that allows you to book a car loan online. Simple, no credit check, no hassle and all at one convenient place. You can find a car loan through Bluefin with no credit check or even PAYPAL payments. You can get affordable rates while saving thousands of dollars over the course of the deal period.

If you’re looking for a reliable car financing company, look no further. Bluefin auto finance is here to help, helping people save on their cars by making it easy and hassle free. With over 35 years of combined experience in the auto finance industry, they know exactly how to get the car deal you’re looking for. Whether you need a loan or a familiar face, Bluefin auto finance can help.

The future of the car is here. The unemployment rate isn’t dropping. It’s up, and it’s in your pocket. bluefin auto finance offers the very latest in auto financing for all vehicles.

bluefin auto finance is a company that provides low cost finance to car buyers and investors in the United States. They specialize in financing choices for consumers looking to buy a car as well as for companies looking to increase their corporate presence. They are also based out of New York City, but will soon be moving its headquarters to the newly created center of business investment in New Jersey. Their mission is to provide people with the advantages of financing online on a platform that mobile users are already accustomed to.

Bluefin auto finance is committed to building and expanding the world’s largest marketplace of vehicle financing.


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