If you are a young trader or are working with an experienced one, you probably want to read the best corporate finance books. Whether you are reading them on your first day on the job, when you are out of school for a few years, or if you are just starting out, a lot of these books will give you a clear and concise understanding of all the topics discussed on the job.

Well, there is one book that might be the best of the bunch, so we’ll have to see. We have the best book on IPOs for instance. But one book that is still very relevant is John Mauldin’s book, The Wisdom of Crowds. It’s a great book and has been a bestseller for over a decade now.

The Wisdom of Crowds is a book by John Mauldin. This book explains how to make better decisions by reading crowd behavior. It says that if we read and analyze crowd behavior, we are able to make better decisions.

Mauldin’s book was originally published in 1995. So you have to keep in mind that this book was written in 1995. It’s not a book that is easy to read. We’ve written a much simpler book on the subject and we think we have a lot more depth to the subject.

The problem with crowds is that they aren’t like us. We are a little bit more like ants, to be honest. We are so focused on our goals that we forget to consider the other people around us in the crowd. We only pay attention to those at the top of the crowd. We lose sight of the rest of the crowd, and we never look at the crowd at all. And that’s why I think the Wisdom of Crowds is an important book.


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