Facilities Provided By TDS Internet Service

TDS is one of the most reliable telecom services in the country. If you live in an area where TDS services are provided then you can gain access to all their offers including TDS Internet, home phone, and TV cable service.

You can also get bundled offers that are provided to the customers who are looking for more comprehensive and affordable options. Over the years, TDS has proven to be a wide-ranging and customer-oriented platform that allows the customer to get internet, TV, and landline plans that work in their favor.

There are several benefits to get connected with the TDS, some of which you may know such as their amazing coverage level and others that you don’t.

We are here to shed light on all those fabulous facilities that TDS is offering you and you are unaware of it. 

So keep reading to find out!

  1. Set Up Optimized Wi-Fi

The company offers premium Wi-Fi that can help the customers in optimizing their internet speed and amplifying their service level. They also send technicians for your convenience for the installation, this is a great option because while installation the team of technicians identify the best possible place to put your device so that you get the maximum coverage and best results. 

Moreover, this service also involves internet Wi-Fi experts who assist you in every query that you might have at that moment. They also make sure that the network works perfectly and you are not facing any problem in connecting all your devices.

  1. Render Recognized Theft Protection

TDS acknowledges the importance of customer’s security and drives them toward proving them the optimum level of satisfaction in this context. For this reason, they offer 100% protection against credit card frauds and financial detail security. 

This offer allows you to get a phone call alert whenever your credentials are being used, so if you are not aware of it, you can take rapid action by contacting the authorities. And a complete investigation will be launched right away.

In case, you, yourself are using the card or someone you authorize to use it is making a payment then you can grant permission, and then only your card will be authorized to be in use.

  1. Provide Internet Security

TDS also offers their customers additional security capabilities where they get complete protection of sensitive information. Details such as passwords, usernames, and payment methods are kept completely secure.

This offer allows customers to gain more trust and rely on the authentic and secure services provided by the company. Moreover, it absolutely free of cost and there is no requirement for you to pay a single dime for the first 30 days. Later, the cost of the service will cost $5.95 a month which you can get once you are satisfied.

  1. Give Backup Online

TDS is going above and beyond to cater to their customers with a feature that optimizes the user experience. With that being said, they offer an online storage solution that contains 200GB of storage for each customer. This application is easy to navigate and is similar to the OneDrive, which makes it easier.

Once you install this app, you can put all the data that you desire to save in the backup and it will automatically sync for you to use. They also provide a convenient mode of transition, in which if you’d like to cancel the offer you will be given 90 days to remove your data.

  1. Contain Hacker Alert

One of the most advanced and attractive facilities that TDS offers to their customer is the hacker alert. This plan focuses on all the network traffic and analyzes it to identify and scan any potential threats or viruses.

It will notify you if there is any suspicious activity going on. You will be notified as the system will detect the danger and then will take all the precautionary measures to advise you about how you can handle this situation. All the systems that are on the network will get this service and this facility is also available for Android phone users.

Wrapping It Up

TDS has always prioritized their customers and rendered plans that cater to their needs. These facilities are just a glimpse of their objective and goal towards serving their consumers.


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