Here at Banner Finance, I am big on transparency and transparency is key to our business. In this post I am sharing with you some of the information we have gathered while researching our current and future prospects.

Banner Finance was founded by two men with an entrepreneurial mentality. One of the principals, David Hargan, is well known in the local and national news circles for having built a huge retail business out of his home based on banner sales. The other principal, Adam Littman, is a partner at a global accounting firm and a board member of a number of local businesses. David Hargan is a former executive with Fidelity Investments and has extensive experience in the financial services industry.

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, David Hargan’s first job out of college was to set up his first brick-and-mortar store. Eventually he grew his business into a major chain of retail stores and subsequently into real estate development. The Hargan chain currently owns or co-owns approximately 10,000 stores and more than 80 subsidiaries worldwide.

David Hargan’s company, Banner Finance, offers financing, management, and advisory services to businesses in a variety of industries including retail, residential, and commercial. In addition to his role at Banner Finance, David has provided financial assistance to many entrepreneurs, including David Hargan himself.

According to the article, the initial investor in the company was Fidelity Investments, a large financial institution specializing in asset management. This isn’t the first time in the industry that a company using Banner Financial has raised the ire of Fidelity or the SEC. In 2008, Banner Financial was accused of “misappropriation” of funds to purchase the assets of retail chain The Home Depot.

Banner Financial has been a major part in the formation of the company. They’ve taken on major roles in the development of the company as a business, with a particular focus on the development of the financial industry. Their work has helped many small businesses to grow or to become more successful.

Although that is true, the firm’s problems have nothing to do with their work on Banner Financial. They are just the latest in a long line of misdeeds, and Banner Financial is no exception.

Banner Financial was the result of a merger with another company, but their real problem is they have a lot of cash, and they are trying to hide their bad business practices. In fact, they have been buying up businesses over which they allegedly have no authority. That is their real problem, because they have no authority to do anything about it.

Banner Financial is a business that wants to be bigger and better so they can pay their CEO $5 million a year. That is no good for anyone, especially not for the people who are being squeezed out.

The business is really good, because it’s a business that has no real assets at all, and it’s doing its own stuff to maintain the status quo.


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