Entrepreneurship has constantly been on the rise. This has led to competition in most fields. Employing marketing trends is the key to making any business stand out and be successful in such a saturated market. Companies can engage in something as simple as creative digital signage or go for elaborate marketing events. Marketing is very fast-paced, with new trends popping up within a month.

Benefits of Marketing Trends

One might question the relevance of such marketing trends as they change with great frequency. However, marketing trends offer several benefits. They allow the study of the way customers shop. Research of products and available services can also be done. This keeps the business updated among competitors. Knowing consumer behaviour lets one stay ahead of the curve in terms of identifying the target audience and their requirements. Marketing trends are also great at keeping the business relevant in the marketplace. 

A Guide to Marketing

Here are some ideas to use the ever-changing marketing tactics to one’s advantage. 

Customers can be promoters – Consumers used to be an afterthought in marketing. They were thought of only until they were a paying customer or unless they had to resign the contract. However, tailoring the whole experience to delight the customers and engage them is the current manner. Doing this turns customers into promoters for the business. This demonstrates that impeccable service is its own marketing strategy.

Share Content – The use of videos and photos in marketing is not new. Earlier, it was limited to product introductions and unveilings. This was mainly because of the resources and effort that was required to produce such content. This hurdle has been overcome with advancements in technology and production techniques. One can easily create content with a basic PC and some software. Digital signages can also be used creatively and strategically to share fitting content.

Native Advertising – Advertising through third party websites and featuring content is called native advertising. These ads are different from traditional ones as they are made to blend in rather than stand out. As they don’t have the same feel as other ads, consumers are more likely to engage with them. These ads can be found everywhere, from search engines to social media platforms. Instagram is a popular example of a social media platform partnering up with brands. They created adverts that had the appearance and feel of user posts. Looking for platforms where audiences might find the product appealing is key. Social media marketing is its own world of trends.

Micro-influencers – Influencer marketing is a trend that is quite effective. The influencer doesn’t necessarily have to be very famous. Micro-influencers are people with a niche following, often tens of thousands. Even though there aren’t that many followers, these influencers might have higher levels of engagement. They are also considered to be “every day” and followers are more accepting of their content and suggestions. This can lead to more consumer interactions for the business. 

Artificial Intelligence –  AI is a sector of computer science that teaches machines to perform tasks based on human intelligence. AI is very common with popular examples like Spotify with its song recommendations. AI extends interactions very efficiently by solving consumer issues thoroughly at lightning speeds. AI is also very useful in analysing large amounts of data and making consequent decisions. 

Data Transparency – Transparency in data with the consumers is beneficial to most businesses. It allows the customer to be informed and trust in the genuineness of the brand.   


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