Bathroom Design

Thanks to 2020, more and more people now have a heightened awareness regarding cleanliness in their homes. When it comes to hygiene, especially in an environment like bathrooms, you need an interior that is stylish and easy to clean and antimicrobial. Everything in it, including the bathroom fittings from Bathroom Factory Warehouse, tub, shower, etc., should be well thought of. 

In this article, you can learn about the latest bathroom trends that will help you make the right choice for your home:

1. Cocoon Room

It should come as no surprise that bathroom trends are headed by home spas trends. From luxury fittings to scented candles, there are several spa bathroom ideas you can use for creating your own retreat. They make bathrooms so much more than just functional spaces. This trend is known as cocooning because it is a way for you to wrap yourself in quiet luxury and comfort. With this, you can opt for simple moments or enjoy spa-like experiences such as saunas, massaging showers, state-of-the-art steam rooms or hydrotherapy baths.

2. Blended Schemes

Gone are the times when bathrooms were confined to clinical white ceramic and contemporary feel. Another trend that you might consider for your bathroom is using biophilia to bring the outside in. You can create a spa-like sanctuary with fused vintage and intricate murals along with stunning installations that give it a modern look. A crucial component of a chic bathroom like this has to be Victorian roll-top baths. You can blend with bright tiles, sleek alcoves, and the latest tech.

3. Luxurious Cleansing

With the pandemic, people want their bathroom experience to be seamless and satisfying. After all, you spend a lot of time in bathrooms. Studies show that an average woman spends about 29 minutes in the bathroom every day. So, it is perfectly natural to want a bathroom design that provides a spa-like atmosphere at home. For this, you can use spa-like nooks and luxury tiles. You can also opt for a biophilic bathroom design that will help improve your creativity and reduce stress. 

4. Forever Green

Whether through plants or cabinetry, having green in your bathroom can help establish a life-enhancing connection with nature. There is no shortage of green bathroom tiles, bathroom ceramics, or furniture ideas that will give a strong look to your bathroom. Meanwhile, when used in soft shades, it can create a sense of peace and harmony, and when used in darker and bolder tones, it can provide depth and individuality. 

5. Minimalism

The pared-back bathroom ideas of today are not about being sterile but about relaxed, and having clutter in the bathroom can get in the way of that. You have to keep your bathroom open and not crowd it with too many things. For this, you can edit your amenities, minimise the pattern, hang the towels on hooks or bars, and make everything simple. If you use a wall-mounted or pedestal sink, your room will feel a lot bigger. Having a clean glass door instead of reflective surfaces and a shower curtain can also make a big difference.

6. Smart Tech

Home automation does not have to be limited to your living room. This easy to use and smarter technology can help you control your bathroom settings through your fingertips. From integrating USB and charging ports, demisting mirrors, automatic hand-wipe sensors, and LED temperature displays, the bathroom can be the haven for smart technology. 

There are several ways for you to modernise your bathroom. Even simple steps like painting the room, walls, or just the floor can keep it interesting. You can also change the bathroom basins or a tub, and it will give an entirely new feel to your bathroom. So, in short, just try to mix things up and create an environment where you can relax after a long day of work.


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