Women hold the fort both inside and outside the house. They do everything for everyone before they take a step of success for themselves. Women are selfless souls who put their friends and families before them, it’s just how good has created them. In this fight of self before others or others before self, a long debate has continued for the longest time, and it may stay on. The verdict may pass in either scenario’s favour but it can’t stop us from saluting the ladies in our house that go above and beyond each moment to bring success in little moments of life. And celebrating this womanhood hidden in motherhood, sister, daughter, and work hood in the form of women’s day, it’s time to remind ourselves and them of the miraculous beings they are. To help you do that efficiently and add the flavour of a heart and soul in your presents and gestures, we have written below five things that are a must-do for women’s day. 

  • Order a cake

How do you start a celebration if not by cutting a cake? Well, order eggless cake in Chennai to inaugurate the celebration. You can choose the flavour from the wide range that begins from vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, chocolate chips, red velvet, coffee, mango, pineapple, fruit cake and you can also go for a photo or designer cake to keep it more personalised. 

  • Prepare the food

She works on hours when every day is asleep and chilling to serve the family delicious food right on time. Give her a day like this too so she can know what it’s like to sit while food is served to her. Make her the favourite cuisine and also remember to pour out some drinks or juice for dinner. 

  • Gift her a dress

What’s she gonna wear for the day, is the thought not daunting you already. Buy something you know will suit her, or go for the complete opposite. If she is one to go for a saree every day, give her a pantsuit or a palazzo suit or a short dress, checking that she would be comfortable stepping out of the monotonous zone for the day. And gift her a saree if her daily style is wearing a pants suit for work. 

  • No feet on the floor day

Your mom does everything for you every day and is always on her feet too just like your sister or a big daughter. Give her a day of no feet on the floor, do not just your but her work as well. Bring her what she needs, pamper her. Or better yet draw her a bubble bath and leave her there with some drinks, magazines or scented bath balls. 

  • Present a gift

Call it a day with a heartfelt present that speaks to her and her soul. The gift should be such that it makes meaning of the day and also values the person it is gifted to. A handbag, a family photo, a phone, a watch, a laptop, Alexa, watch, cosmetics, work gear, or something that she is passionate about and has needed for a long time. It should be luxurious if not in amount but meaning. 


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