Vintage Shopping

Vintage clothing is full of heritage and charm, especially when you find the right pieces that complement your looks and wardrobe. The market has lots of good stuff, especially if you have your background and the right knowledge on the subject. Here are five tips for doing your vintage shopping like an expert.

Know Your Stuff and The Best Things To Buy

Vintage clothing develops with changes in fashion and age. You must know your background, especially the historical developments behind various kinds of fashion. Each development cycle resonates with a specific trend, and it is important to understand and keep moving with these important stages. Vintage fashion is just like current fashion, and there is always something good for every period and season. You have probably developed an interest in vintage fashion already. Now, it is time to find the right knowledge and grow your sense of awareness on the subject. When you understand the trends, you will also know what is best in every season within the fashion market.

Keep in Sync with Seasons

When clothing grows vintage, its value in the market tends to rise. However, you can still find the best bargains if you understand the seasons for antique clothing sales. For instance, most deals and offers come in the summer when there are many people out making their purchases. You can especially use the bulk and clearance sale offers to get the best deals for your vintage fashion items. Additionally, these are also the best times when you can find some of the invaluable antique pieces, especially if you have an eye for fashion. Once you understand these cycles in seasons, you can also plan yourself well ahead and set both time and funds aside as you anticipate the optimal times to do your vintage shopping.

Weed Out the Rare from Fake

There is a high demand within the vintage market today. You are at risk of falling prey to fake antique and vintage fashion. While doing your vintage shopping, you should remain cautious and aware of such duplicity. The easiest way to spot and know true vintage is by looking at the age of the fabric. You can know the material that has been in use for some time through normal wear and tear. Some of this stuff may have normal tears and signs of aging. However, true vintage will not have signs of too much newness.

Additionally, there are signs of wear and tear that are inconsistent with normal aging. Fake vintage will possibly have non-genuine tags or signs of forced wear and tear so that they can look antique. 

Establish Age and Demographics

Age and demographics are perhaps the most important consideration during your vintage shopping. For instance, if you are looking for vintage style children’s clothing, you cannot mix them with grown men’s and women’s clothing. The style is different, and you will probably find that the vendors also specialize in a single segment alone. You should always establish your focus based on what you want to buy. For instance, if you are shopping for your family, set aside time for each member and group based on demographics and the category where they belong.

Keep Learning and Growing

Vintage clothing has continued to evolve and grow through the years. For instance, what was considered vintage a few decades back has changed because the fashion from the time is now antique in the present. The categories of vintage will continue to progress, evolve and grow as the years continue to pass. Subsequently, you must also keep abreast with these changes so that what you get is the best of the existing changes and trends. You will also enjoy vintage clothing more when your knowledge is always up to date, and you understand why you are buying a certain piece of clothing and not the other.


Vintage clothing is a unique and rare style to embrace. However, you must have the right knowledge and background to succeed in your vintage shopping. You must know your stuff and establish what you want to buy, understand the seasons, and remain aware of fake items in the market. Always remember that you are shopping based on your demographic groups, and the trends will keep changing. Altogether, remain aware and keep growing along the way.


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