Coffee Table

Furnishing a room with the right choice of furniture can only elevate the overall appearance of a room. Although a coffee table might not be your foremost priority when setting a room, it is often the anchor in the room.

Especially when you are designing a larger living space, even the small pieces of d├ęcor or furniture makes an impact. For example, some of the best styles of the coffee table are sometimes elevated with lift tops for extra practicality. However, coffee tables can also prove to be functional when placed in smaller spaces.

But when you choose coffee tables for your home setting, it can get daunting. So first, be mindful of certain factors to make a perfect choice. Then, take a tour through some of the most significant elements to help yourself get to the table of your choice.

Create Balance

Usually, you can select any shape of the furniture you choose. For example, you can select two rounded or curved sofas and pair them with an oval table. The key is to balance. If you have plenty of square shapes in one room, fit in a round or oval shape in the room and vice versa. There is no particular rule, and you can make a statement with your unique choices.

Additionally, you need to blend the height of the sofa along with the size of the table. You don’t want a table higher than your seating height. Also, elevate the room’s overall ambience by popping a mix of colours and making it appear like art in space. 

You even have the option of mirror coffee tables. Furthermore, you can add to the room’s texture and balance it with the rest of the setting.

Be Mindful of the Height 

When the table you choose is too high from your seating cushion height or too low, it is awkward to sit and drink your coffee in such a setting. To feel comfy in your living space, coffee tables with the same height as the cushion would be ideal. Aim for one or two inches lower than your seating height for the perfect distance between you and your coffee mug.

Consider the Shape

When you mix and match the different furniture styles with straight lines, curved lines, organic tree stumps, etc., you get an artistic appearance of your living space. In addition, the natural form of the furniture you choose brings a unique natural element to the interior of your home.

As mentioned earlier, you can add circular or ovular shapes to a room filled with squares and rectangles to create a balance. Round tables are ideal for small kids as they don’t have any sharp edges that can be risky when kids are in the house. Ensure to not put too much of one thing within the same room.


The budget of a table that you buy for your living room plays an important role. You need not necessarily go for the ultra-expensive options as there are plenty of budget-friendly coffee tables for your living space. Research well and know your requirements to find the perfect and reasonably priced table.

A coffee table is all about having a good me-time as you sip your coffee and sit comfortably in your chair. It can be decorated with a tabletop accessory or a photo album. Follow your instinct and decorate the way that fits the entire setting of your home.


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